15 Jan 2013

All About MeRLiN Season 5/Ending/Video/Comment

Saja nak cite pasal Merlin lagi x lama lagi tv3 akan tayangkan final episod cite Merlin ni..so pada sape nk baca ending die yg sedih tuh mcmmana leh la klik SINI aku pernah buat entry pasal ending die..mmg sedih..sedia tisu banyak2 k..ending die mmg ramai x puas hati sbb ada yg mati n ada gak bbrp adegan yg x logik hehehe..di Chanel Diva Universal 702 (Astro) ada tayang cite MerLin season 1 punye..so pada sape yg rindu ngan Merlin leh la tengok season 1 semula..aku pun banyak terlepas masa season 1 dulu..rinduuu nk tgk Arthur ngan Merlin ni..sygnyer Season 5 adalah penamat untuk cite Merlin..pasni xde dah..jom tengok komen2 peminat cite MerLin kat bawah ni yang aku amik dari satu laman web pasal ending cite ni..

1#~i hate the way they kill of some of the main characters in this final episode
2#~oh my heart is so sad because arthur is gone and chills came all over me to see the queen have to live with out her belove arthur the king i just cry so power
3#~I am very disappointed for years merlin has hid his magic from arthur than just like a crazy dumb ass he walks and tells him that he has magic..
And stupid enough he is can't he call the dragon before when arthur is wounded?
4#Why didn't Merlin did not use dragon to speed up the travels with Arthur?
5#could have been a better fight beween Mordrid and Arthur. And two of the most powerful magic user have a 1 min fight with a push spell and sword stabbing. I agree rushed ending. 14th episode would been great.
6#The dragon told merlin arthur would rise again its like the perfect start to a new series or season. I love this show and am deeply saddened by the way it ended. They rushed the good parts. Throughout all 5 seasons i have been waiting for merlin to revile his true identity they rushed the best part.

7#I wish it wasn't the end!!! I love this show, makes me sad that there wont be anymore. I think there should have been at least one more season and Arthur should have lived!!!
8#OMG the ending is sooo sad, it all happened too quickly. Poor Merlin after all he went through in the past episodes, in the end he was unable to protect King Arthur. At least he was able to tell Arthur the truth about his magic.It's just not right to end the show this way, fans need to know what happened to Camelot,Merlin & the Queen after King Arthur.
9#NOOOOOOO! it ended, poor merlin how sweet aurther was to merlin about his magic and that he deserved the credit for many things and he gave his thanks before he died. it was so touching and sweet and kind that i cried. and good for morgana and mordrid they deserve it. the were terible and mean and selfish to be royalty and mordrid to break his promice to merlin about telling any one he had MAGIC moreover he is emrys. the good guys always WIN.
10#i cant stop crying, why did it have to end this way? Why didn't merlin summon the dragon earlier so he could get Arthur to lake on time? This ending was rushed. Merlin is the best show ever.
11#no no no the show cant end this way. It was Merlins destiny to protect King Arthur. WHY did Merlin take so long to get to the battle ground& he shouldve summoned the dragon to take Arthur to the lake instead of riding a horse. The 5th season was rushed to an end. Merlin was the best show & should go on as fans deserve to know what happened next. can't stop crying. :(

12#I feel sorry for Merlin all that he has gone through was not enough to save King Arthur in the end. There shouldve been more scenes with Arthur accepting Merlin's magic.A very sad ending to a fantastic show.Not fair to Merlin fans.
13#What a bad ending, from the beginning it has been Merlin's destiny to protect King Arthur so how can they allow Arthur to be killed?? Did Merlin Fail?? I think the show has failed Merlin & disappointed the fans.The ending was rushed, Merlin should've been give more time with Arthur after he told him about his magic.We should've been shown how Camelot & The Queen found out about Arthur's death. BRING BACK MERLIN PLSE....BEST EVER SHOW.
14#Not a good ending,so sad & very unexpected. I thought Merlin would protect Arthur& that was his destiny.More scenes with Arthur & Merlin discussing his magic would've been good. what happened to King Arthur ruling Albion? The ending felt rushed. WE want more, Long live Merlin.
15#Wow what a disappointing ending. So upset that Merlin couldn't save Arthur. The scenes where Arthur thanks Merlin were touching but there should've been much more. Why such a fantastic show had to come to such a quick end??? :(

16#I have watched this final eposide over & over again & each time it makes me so sad & cry. how could the show end like this? King Arthur was suppose to rule Albion with Merlins help. Why end a show that has touched millions of fans this way....very rushed. HOPEFULLY THE STORY WILL CONTINUE. Long live Merlin & bring back the King.
17#Terrible ending & so not right. I have watched Merlin from the beginning never missing a show & we were made to believe that it was Merlin's destiny to protect King Arthur. King Arthur would be the future king ruling Albion & uniting kingdoms with merlin by his side & one day magic would be allowed. The scenes where Merlin tells Arthur he has magic & Arthur realises all that Merlin has done for him were very touching but not enough. How could they bring this show to an end like this? merlin , Arthur & Gwen deserved a happier ending & so do the Merlin fans. Very sad indeed.
18#From the 1st eposide Merlin has taken us on a magical journey , his devotion to Arthur, the love between Arthur & Gwen , the brave knights & his respect for his mentor Guias, we have enjoyed every minute of the show but disappointed with the tragic ending...it was Merlins destiny to protect Arthur.The show should've ended with a happy ending . Bring back Arthur & let the story continue. How can someone so beautiful as Morgana be so evil??

19#Merlin walking the earth for thousand of years, waiting for the return of Arthur. He is alone, all his friends and love one dies. Such a sad fate for someone so loveable. Cruel and sad ending for Merlin.
20#We love Merlin , best ever show, not the ending we were led to believe would happen. What happen to king Arthur ruling Albion with Merlin & his magic by his side???why didnt they show us more of Merlin when he got back to Camelot. Poor Gwen she was counting on Merlin to bring Arthur back. This was an amazing show & should've had a happy ending. BRING BACK MERLIN PLEASE PLSE _PLSE>
21#After Authur was stabbed Why didn't Merlin call down the dragon, DERN HIM...and him and Authur take a quick ride to Avalon. He could have saved his life on the dragon.(MERLIN MUST OF HAD A BRAIN FREEZE 

Itulah sebahagian komen peminat2 cite ni mengenai endingnyer..apapun jom layan video temubual dengan pelakon2 cite ni..ketika ditanya episod mana yang paling diorang suka..semuanya menjawab dua episod final cite ni..sweet jer tgk cara diorang jawab soalan hahha Colin Morgan comelnyer hehe..

Video ni paling aku suka hahaha sweet jer tgk gelagat Merlin (Colin Morgan) dengan Arthur (Bradley James)Arthur pegang kamera pastu dok temuramah n kacau2 Merlin hahaha..mcm2 soalan die tanya..die suruh merlin diam laa pastu suruh Merlin senyum laaa..comel gilerrr tgk Colin Morgan(Merlin)..pastu Merlin ada cakap "He Bullies me everyday" haha comel bangat diorang ni..sweet jer..dan giler2..diorang ni mmg kawan baik dalam set penggambaran dan diluar juga..serius qiut sangat laa diorangg ni..x caya tgk video kt bawah ni..comel sgt..

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  1. suka sgt cerita merlin tapi x dapat follow sampai habis

  2. x penah follow citer ni.. jarang la tgk tv... huhuhu

  3. byk kjeaa...kejap lagi baru sambung tgk video dorang....x sabar !! :)

  4. comelnye athur ngn merlin!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

  5. suke tgk merlin..n uther.... comel.!

  6. Tak sabaq nak tengok ending dia tau...ensem ya Arthur..Merlin plak cute ja..

  7. dah lama tak follow merlin ni.. tau 2 dah abiss itupun bace entri banu hari tu..

    p/s : arthur dan guineverra cam ne?

  8. Arthur ngan Guineverr tuh dh kahwin..pas Arthur mati Gwen jadi raja permaisuri..yg memerintah camelot


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