24 Okt 2010

FiLem Bollywood yg korang HaRus tenGok..hehe

FaNaa (2006)

Lakonan-AaMir Khan ngan KaJoL..

Filem ni dh lama gak la..tapi kalau sape yg x tengok lgi mang rugi besau..besttt…penuh konflik dan kejutan..lagu2 dlm filem ni pun mang best gilerrr..x nyesal la tgk..rasanya pernah ditayangkan di tv..tpi sekali dua jer..

SiNopsis Fanaa
Choices... to choose between right or wrong is simple, but what defines one's life is the decision between the greater of two goods or the lesser of two evils. This is the advice Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol) receives from her father just as she is about to venture out into the world on her own for the very first time. Little does she know that these very words will shape her life. Zooni, a blind Kashmiri girl, Rehan Qadri (Aamir Khan), a local tour guide and an incorrigible flirt, who goes from city to city exploring their architecture and also the women.
Her friends warn her against this good-for-nothing roadside Romeo, but she chooses to ignore them. She is not one to be protected. It is now her time to discover life, and love. Is this really the right choice? Rehan is fascinated by Zooni. He truly wants her to see life as it should be seen, in its many colors - and as he promises her, the time spent with him will be the most precious in all her life. Zooni sees Delhi, life and love like she never has, because of Rehan. What Zooni doesn't know is that Rehan has another side of his life that he has kept from her - something that won't only change her life, but also destroy it.

ChakDe InDia (2007)
LakoNan- ShaH Rukh Khan
Ni mang filem best..filem yg menang banyak anugerah ok..menang filem terBaik tau..Shah Rukh Khan pun meNang pelakon Lelaki terbaik menerusi filem ni gak..filem ni bukan kisaH cinTan cintun ye..die lebih menunjukkan pada semangat satu pasukan, satu Negara, ala2 1 Msia gitu hehehe..mang bersemangat la tgk cite nih..aku ada vcd cite ni tp dh rosak..nak cari balik cite ni punya susah la..asyik xde jerr..tpi mang berbaloi la cite nih..byk pengajaran dan niLai2 murni yg dipaparkan dlm filem nih..rasanya macam belum pernah ditayangkan di tv atau aku yg x tgk time tu hehehe..
SiNoPSIs ChakDe India

Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) knows what it's like to come back from the dead. The ex Indian Captain has now come back in the avatar of the Coach of the Indian Women's National Hockey team. A team that exists more on paper and less in reality. The team is a rag-tag bunch of girls with their own agenda. A bunch of girls who have forgotten what it is like to play for the love of the game. Of playing because you want glory for your country. Not because you want a pensioned job or a government flat. They have all forgotten the sharp thrill of just holding the hockey stick, keeping their eyes on the ball and playing for all they are worth. They have played every game but hockey to make sure they get selected every year in the Indian National team.

 But what does it really mean to play for the Indian National team? To play for India? Mujhe sirf ek mulk ka naam sunaai deta hai - India The girls have never known the thrilling energy of being Team India. Of giving their all to see their country's name on a trophy. But Kabir Khan, once a captain, now forgotten, does. He knows what it takes to get there. And what it means to return empty handed. This time, he wants to make sure that it's different. He knows there are no second chances. Despite his past, he believes that if only the girls played as one, anything would be possible.

Because Kabir Khan believes that it is not that we can't win. It's just that we have never believed we can. Chak De India is the story of a coach's fight of making his team, Team India by overcoming their diverse backgrounds, by learning to use everything that life hurls on them as a secret weapon. It's a story about honesty, sincerity and integrity. A story to remind the nation of its national sport .

One Two Three (2008)

LakoNan: TusHar Kapoor, Esha Deol, SameeRa reddy, Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty dll.

Ahahaha..cite nih pun harus tonton..boleh gelak giler2 nyer..mang kelakar habis..pelakon sume kelakar..jalan cite pun mantap..x larat nak gelak tgk cite nih..mang cite komedi terbaik dri ladang laaa…rugi x tgk cite ni..leh ketawa terbahak-bahak..sambil hiburkan hati sape2 yg gundah tuh..haha..jom gelak ramai2..x sure pernah ditygkan di tv or x..mungkin pernah kot..entahla..well tgk jgn x tgk..

SinoPsis One Two ThRee..

One Two Three is a comedy thriller of three men from various parts of India, each having his own characterization and identity. It basically revolves around these very three men who share a common name “LAXMI NARAYAN” due to which various confusions start and the basic plot of the film is established. The story starts with the introduction of the three main characters Laxmi Narayan 1, 2 and 3. wherein LAXMI NARAYAN 1 being played by TUSHAR KAPOOR is a young an aspiring emotional shooter from underworld whose only aim is to fulfill his mother’s dreams of becoming the most popular don. LAXMI NARAYAN 2 being played by SUNIEL SHETTY is an automobile salesman from Mumbai whose only aim in life is to keep his boss happy and in course of which he becomes a confused and annoying character.

He has two rules in his life Rule # 1:- Boss is always right. Rule # 2:- If boss is wrong, follow the rule # 1. LAXMI NARAYAN 3 being played by PARESH RAWAL is a rich but poor man who is into the business of lingerie but in his language KACHHA AND BRA, which he sells in a mobile car on the streets of Chandni Chowk in Delhi. The story proceeds with the three of them reaching a single destination called Pondy for their individual works. While Laxmi Narayan 1 reaches Pondy on a mission to shoot somebody, Laxmi Narayan 2 is there on business trip to buy a vintage car from a beautiful and sexy girl called laila played by Sameera Reddy and laxmi narayan 3 reaches Pondy to select the designs for his new lingerie for Valentine collection from sweet and simple girl Jiya played by Esha Deol.

 It is now that the entire chaos and confusion starts with an exchange of three different envelopes for their job purposes due to all of them having the common name Laxmi Narayan. Due to this exchange all the three dudes reaches exchanged locations and meet exchanged people. The story now is full of fun, comedy and laughter leading to a climax most unexpected.

Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008)
LakoNan: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, BipasHa Basu dan lain2 lg..

cite ni cite cinta yg menunjukkan bahawa lelaki susah nak serius dlm cinta..kebanyakan nak main2 jer..kesian kat 2 girlfren laki ni yg awal..terseksa dan merana..dan akhirnya lelaki tersebut terima gak balasan setelah dikecewakan oleh perempuan yg die betul2 suka..aku paling suka watak Bipasha basu dlm nih..mcmmana die ditinggalkan oleh Rnbir sebelum dia bangkit menjadi supermodel yg terkenal..dan sombng..die ajar ranbir tu cukup2..hehe moral of the story..jgn lukakan hati org kerana suatu hari org lain lak akan lukakan kita..masa tu baru kita sedar yg tu adalah balasan dri perbuatan kita..mang cite ni best laa..byk bagi pengajaran..x silap aku cite ni pernah dh tayang kt tv..tpi sekali dua jela..

SiNopsIs Bachna Ae Haseeno

Why do girls always fall for the wrong guy? Their mothers warn them about him. Their friends shake their heads disapprovingly. Their minds tell them to escape while the going is good. But no! Oh no! Their hearts are another story altogether. You see, they are always sending all the wrong signals. His name alone is enough to scramble their brains and set their hearts racing. Meet Raj. He is the stuff of dreams, with the looks of a 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' good boy. Who can blame him for falling in love as many times as love is fortunate enough to find him. It's not his fault that he's a heartbreaker, its in his DNA. Come… discover his three love stories; Raj and Mahi, Raj and Radhika, Raj and Gayatri. Different ladyloves at different times in his life. And each one of them teach him a little bit about love and a little bit about life, in their own sweet, sexy or sassy way. Come fall in love... three times over!

Ni antara 4 filem yg aku rasa best utk ditnton..saja kongsi dengan korang yg minat bollywood..lagipun aku dh prnah tgk kesemua cite diatas..bagi yg x minat cite Hindustan ni tutup mata jela ye..hehe..

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