30 Jul 2010

KaTa-KaTa HikMat oRaNg PutiH.. ;)

 “A JourNey of a ThouSaNd MiLes must BegiN witH a SingLe Step”.- Lao Tzu

“Be absolutely DeteRmined to Enjoy What yoU Do”.-Gerry Sikorski

“The UnDertaKing of a New ActioN briNgs New StrEngth”.-Richard L.Evans

“It is FuN to Do thE ImPosiBLe”.-WaLt DisNey

“Without HaRd WorK, nOTHing gRows but Weeds”-GoRdon B. Hinckley

“LiFe is 10% of wHat HappeNs to Me and 90% of How I React to it”.-JoHn Maxwell

“PatiEnce and PeRseveraNce have a MagicaL Affect befoRe which DiFficuLties DissaPeaR and ObstacLes VaNish”.-John Quincy Adams.

“MotiVation is What gets yoU started. HaBit is What kEeps yoU going”.-Anonymous.

“BeaUty CaptuRes attention, PeRsoNaLity captures HeaRts”.-Jessica Brenes.

“OuR GreateSt gLoRy is Not in NeveR FaLLinG, But In RiSing EveRytiMe We FaLL”.-ConFucius-

“WhiLe tHeRe’s LifE, TheRe’s HoPe”.-Cicero

“OnLy tHrough FocUs caN yoU Do WoRLd-cLass things, No MatteR How capable You aRe”.-Bill Gates.

“PatiEnce, PeRsiSteNce and PeRspiRatioN Make an UnBeataBLe ComBinatioN For Success”.-NapoLeon Hill.

“PeoPLe aRe JuSt as HapPy as They Make Up their MiNds to Be”.-Abraham Lincoln

“We Do Not Quit pLayiNg BecaUse We Grow oLd, We Grow oLd BecauSe We Quit PLayiNg”.-Oliver Wendell holmes..

“LaugHteR is By DeFiNitioN HeaLtHy”-Doris Lessing.

“The OnLy Source of KnowLedge is ExpeRieNce”-Albert Einstein

“Not EverythiNg tHat caN Be CouNted CouNts and Not EverytHing tHat CouNts CaN Be CouNted”.- Albert Einstein.

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